Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Sketching

WC needs something more--like crayons. Tomorrow I am heading for the gift shop.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Waiting At The Gate, IN PROGRESS, Oil

La Modesta, graphite pencils, 8" x 6"  IN PROGRESS

IN PROGRESS is where I am these days in many endeavors--in this painting where I have stepped away from careful scumbling and paying attention to the line drawing below--in this drawing, of an intent Mexican dressmaker, that started out a sketch, then became a drawing as thirty minutes stretched to an hour and the hour stretched  on to the next day--in catching up with household tasks long ignored as my knee took its time healing--in building my energy and body strength back up with stretch sessions, biking and  longer daily walks, (my most important area of concentration). If body and mind is pooped, nothing gets done.

I expected Waiting At The Gate,  to go slowly, but yesterday I thought maybe not so much as my brush slipped into gestural action and I began "drawing" with  values and letting the forms take shape not as I know they are, but as my eye reads them.  I find working with just Burnt .Umbra  not enough; I need a step darker;  I am about to add Ultramarine to the palette..  The blue mixed into the Umbra  with neither color dominating  adds a depth  Umbra does not. 

Packing for  Mexico is IN PROGRESS.  Mexico means watercolor.  I've packed my tote with both opaque and transparent pads and added a big floppy brush and a waterbrush. .Experimentation more than just fooling around is on my mind.  Maybe I can teach myself something useful about this medium that is so much more transportable than oil paraphernalia?    Of course, I am also taking my camera. I need references! 


Going Shopping, graphite pencils, 6" x 8"

He's Cute, graphite pencils, 6" x 8"

.Leave Some Chips For Me, graphite pencils, 6" x 8"